Unlimited Coins for the Original Smashy Road

The first Smashy Road was released in 2014 and its a very different game than Wanted.  The play style is an endless runner like subway surfers runner.  You have the ability to swipe right and left to avoid cars and obstacles, and even swipe forward and back to control acceleration.

The success of Wanted overshadows the original Smashy Road and not many people know about it.  Its an amazing endless runner that is tons of fun.  We definitely recommend checking it out.

Starting next week we are beefing up the Wanted hack engine to include the original Smashy Road!  It is going to work almost the same as it does for wanted except you can generate coins (the currency in the original) instead of cash.

Using the Hack

You can fire up the same hack engine used for Smashy Road Wanted on this websites home page.  In the settings choose the amount of coins you would like to generate and select Smashy Road (Original) for the game.  You also can toggle the cheats button to awaken the hidden cheats within the game.


In addition to generating money there are some Smashy Road(original) specific cheats that the generator will make available.

Immunity makes your car indestructible from impacts with other cars.  Instead any car you hit will explode and be pushed to the side.  Its a fun little bonus that takes alot of the challenge out of the game, so I don’t use it too much.  Also this only gives immunity from car to car impacts, hitting a tree will still explode your car and end the game.

Motorcycle is an additional vehicle unlocked by the cheats.  I have no clue why this isn’t included in the standard game because it is an absolute rush!   It moves x2 faster than the starter car “Brum” and is incredibly tricky not to crash with.  Since the motorcycle is so small and narrow you can get tons of epic near misses, its crazy.  I recommend you combine this with immunity to get some funny physics like your tiny motorcycle plowing through trucks like tissue paper.

4-Wheeler is similar to the motorcycle with x2 speed.  It is a little wider than the motorcycle so it will more easily crash.  I prefer the motorcycle because a 4-wheeler on the highway just isn’t my style.

Every Car can be toggled on and off from the cheats menu in game.  This is a quick way to get access to every car.  Its not as permanent as rolling for every car with generated coins.  If you turn the cheats of by using the hack engine again you can lose access to every car.

In this version of Smashy Road theres only 25 cars, but you can get dupe rolls that yield no new car at all.  So even with max money hack it can take a while to get them all, but at least they will be permanent.

Reversing the Cheats

If for some reason you would like to remove the cheats menu you can(maybe you don’t want your friends knowing you used cheats).  Just run the Smashy Road Hack engine again and toggle the cheats button to off.  This flips the xml bool in the game to false and returns the game to normal.  If you use this you will lose the motorcycle, 4-wheeler, and any cars enabled purely by every car hack.

Thats it for now! Hopefully theres some old school Smashy Road fanatics that will enjoy the upgrade. If you have any questions just shoot us a comment below.

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  1. I had the original game on my phone since last year, but never really played it. Its cool that it contains some of the same cars from Wanted

  2. Cool!! Thank you so much for this!! I never really liked original, but with full coins its a little more fun

  3. Ciao

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