Negatives of Exploiting Smashy Road

The benefits of hacking Smashy Road are so exciting that its easy to forget about the negatives.  Before you hack your next game you should consider some of the following points.

Hacking condenses the fun

By unlocking cars the old fashioned way, you get over 50 hours of entertainment.  If you unlock them with hacks the game can be extra fun, but only for a short period of time.  After a few days you may get bored.

This depends on the person, but in my personal experience the game became boring after a few hours–there were no more surprises to unlock.  So in the case of Smashy Road, hacking the game could mean beating the game.

Once you play a hacked version theres no going back, you will have seen and played with all the legendary cars.  They can quickly lose their mystique and you may realize what made them special was the anticipation.

However, if you just play the game to destroy cop cars and have exciting chases, then the legendary cars can help you do this for sure.

Modded APKs can be laggy

Most modded apks will not run as smoothly as the version you get from the play or app store.  Unless you have a very powerful phone you will get some lag.  This is because in order to mod the game the hacker had to add extra code that takes more time to process and slows down performance

The lagginess can make it very difficult to use cars like the F1 which are extremely fast, and hard to steer with lag.

On the upside this lag can add for very funny glitches.  One of my favorite is when the grounds and buildings take a while to load.  Because of this you can pass through a building, and have it spawn at a time where it blocks all the police cars chasing you.

Risk of Malware

There are spammers out there who try to hijack modded downloads and add malware onto them.  Be careful of downloading modded downloads from Chinese sites.  To be extra safe you can use a malware scanner and check the app before installing it, or you can install it on an old phone you don’t often use.

All the downloads from this site have been tried and tested to make sure they are malware free.

Dangers of Hacking it Yourself

If you are a noob and try to hack the game yourself you can risk destroying your phone.  This is why its important to either try it on an old phone you don’t care about, or to avoid trying to hack it yourself.

Readers Comments (6)

  1. How can I get more experience in hacking so i don’t accidentally brick my phone like you mentioned?

    • Smashy Road Hacks July 5, 2017 @ 5:27 pm

      You should start with an older phone you have laying around. You can search google for hacking and coding forums

  2. Smashed Everyday July 3, 2017 @ 9:56 pm

    I don’t get it, wtf do I care.. I just want that dang Flipper already !

  3. I think i will take my chances ! Thanks for the tips though ;P

  4. What happens if I DO get Malware ? what does it do to your phone ?

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