Money Generator Update

Hey guys! Chris here with an update on our Smashy Road Money Generator.  I had been working on this for a while and we just confirmed it working on Android and iOS.  You can find it here:

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NOTE:  As of 1.2.4 the money generator is not working. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix this as soon as possible!

UPDATE: Thank you for your comments below, seems to be working on Android Marshmellow(6.0) and above, not sure about Lollipop, we will update as soon as possible!  Keep posting comments if you find any issues.

Different than Cheats

This is not the same as our original Smashy Road cheats generator on the home page.  Instead of generating promo-codes and dev passwords this directly alters the XML of your game to give you an amount of money you set.

The XML of Smashy Road is what stores things for the games to remember when you shut down your phone.  It is the long term memory of Smashy Road, we found out a way to hack this file and alter it like you alter text in a word document.  Smashy Road Cheats can get you unlimited money as well as other cool things, this is just a different way to get the same result.

How it works

The xml we need to alter is hidden which is the trickiest part of making the generator work.  The generator contains a script that first finds Smashy Road on your device, then using the games location as a reference point so it can move to the right location.

To find the right distance to move we had to use alot of experimentation.  This may be quicker for you than Smashy Road cheats, but for us it took a long time to get there.  After a while of pointing in random directions we found a pattern that stayed true across all phones.

Once the xml is found the generator has to decrypt it and enter in your newly set amount of money.  The developers encrypt xml so that you can not alter it by hand if you have an unlocked phone.


I first got the idea to make a money generator for another game I was trying to hack called Platypus Evolution.  We were unable to find cheats for that game like in Smashy Road.  The only thing to do was alter the xml to get the amount of coins we wanted.

Then i figured we should try it for Smashy Road hacks as well.  We only had the cheats generator for the Smashy Road promo code field so far.  It was more of a personal challenge for me, Ian and Willie are lazy when it comes to programming extra stuff just for the sake of coding.  I’m going to be attending U of M computer Science program next year so I need all the hack practice I can get, Smashy Road is definitely good for that.

You need to be on your phone

If you are reading this on a laptop you will be out of luck.  The web browser needs to be on the same device as Smashy Road for this hack to work.  The generator will quickly locate your installation if you are on your phone and alter the games memory to the new amount of money.  Much easier than Smashy Road cheats in my opinion if all you want is unlimited money.

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