Frequently Asked Questions

I have the cheats, how do i enter them

You need too go to the setup screen and tap in the correct pattern.  This will open the field for entering cheats and promo codes.  Click the button on the home page to access the detailed instructions.

What is the difference between a cheat and a promo code?

A cheat was created for testing purposes by the developer.  When the creators play the game they want to test the limits of the game and don’t have time to earn all the money manually.  The legendary “dev” car is meant to test all legendary vehicles at once for example.

All games are tested like this, the difference with Smashy Road is they forgot to remove some code within the game to disable the test codes working.  They may have removed some but forgot the few we discovered.

A promo code on the other hand is less powerful than a cheat.  These can give you small buffs like a 1000 increase in money, or a single legendary car.  They are usually given out at mobile game conventions and only work for a limited time.

What is the difference between cheats and a hack?

A hack is a back door the developers forgot to close, cheats are like fuel that let us do various things with the access the hack gives us.

Does this work on both Android and Iphone?

Yes, both games were built on a multi release platform like Unity.  This means they have very similar code and can be hacked in the same way

Do the cheats work on for Smashy Road Arena or Smashy Road Wanted?

Yes you enter the cheats the same way in both games.

Is the Smashy Road hack free ?

Yes, we know how awesome it feels to achieve god mode in a game after lots of hard work at normal level.  We want everyone to have fun with the hack–not just us.

Nothing is working

Sometimes after a game update we have to update the cheat codes.  In a worst case scenario the developers become aware of the hack and remove it all together.  As of today this hasn’t happened yet.