How the Secret Entry Field Works

The bread and butter of this hack is the promo code field.  This was originally put into Smashy Road for promotions during beta and the first few weeks of the games release.  In a future update its button was removed from the menu, but as Willie discovered from his accidental screen tapping it was still in hidden in the game code for testing reasons.

cheats entry field

Why is this field so important?

Since we make alot of games ourselves we knew this could be a way to hack Smashy Roads and find cheats.  The devs of games can sometimes accidentally forget test code buried deep inside the game–we take advantage of this.  We knew we could use our software to try every possible code on the field until we had something.

Think of it like panning for gold.  We had found the place to start our cheats excavation.

There are two main ways we can use the field to hack Smashy Road

Generate ALOT of promo codes and use them repeatedly

For the first round of beta testers the team gave out a code for one free legendary car.  This helped to get people more excited about the game and to bring back a variety of results from the Beta testing.

Another promo code given away during the first month of release was the +1000 money.  This wasn’t so much a hack, just a nice little way to say thank you to the first players of the game.  They released the coupons over twitter and after the first month of release removed the promo code field button from the setup menu.

After we knew about the field Chris was able to hook his phone up to his laptop and run millions of codes on it.  After a few days of this he analyzed all the codes that worked and found a pattern that makes up each code.  Now it was just a matter of creating the right formula to generate a coupon for the pattern, and voila–we had limitless promo coupons all for ourselves.

Unlimited Money Hack

While unlimited coupons is a great thing it can be a pain to enter 100 codes into your game.  Luckily Chris found 3 other cheats that worked on every iphone and android–with no generator needed.   Because we did not need to generate them we new we could easily share these with people and even build our own website around it.

The coolest hack of these three was unlimited money.  It meant i could finally have as many cars as Willie. It meant people who could not afford cars would have way more fun.  The devs would have needed this hack to test the cash register and make sure it is bug free.

Why didn’t they remove the hack yet?

Lets cover the possible reasons why this hack is still in the game and hasn’t been removed yet.

The creators don’t know about it yet- Our guess is that because the Smashy Road Wanted dev team was only two or three people it was tough to find every single hiccup in the game.  Especially one like this that doesn’t affect game play and was practically impossible for people to find.

They put it there on purpose- Because the amount of times you need to tap is so high, it is possible that the devs thought that no one would ever find the field, let alone release you can enter the correct cheats into it.  This is not an uncommon strategy used by developers who want to share bonuses with their family and friends.  Because of this we knew to run an algorithm to check every possible cheat– we had a hunch it was more than meets the eye.

They put it there on purpose and then forgot about it-

A game like Smashy Road is a massive project, that must have taken several years to finish.  During this time the creators would have needed to test every new build of the game.  As the game code grew bigger they could have amassed hundreds of different ways to test.  Most are removed, however in the jungle of code a few survive and this is usually how we hack games and use cheats.

For example in the early days of Smashy Roads there could have been a text field only for testing.  A place where the devs quickly typed in a code for unlimited money, their own personal testing hack.  Eventually they made a promo code field as well, and perhaps used the same text field code as a parent.  This would have caused them to share a few attributes.. One being they both can trigger unlimited money.

It only gets more technical from there and this is not the place to write about computer science and programming languages.

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