Using The Digger: The Most EPIC Car In Smashy Road

The digger is a rare car that looks like something a mad scientist would drive in a zombie apocalypse.  It is overpowered and as useful and unique as a legendary.  Using it you can have long rounds as swarms of cops bounce of you, it is a hidden hack of the smashy road rare cars.

The car was first released in update 1.2.0 along with 30 other new cars.  The update came out on November 13th 2015, over three months after the first release of smashy road wanted.  Since it was released so late not many people end up using it to its potential.

Advantages (Hacks)

  • Tight turning and control
  • Digging nose lets you go underneath anything
  • Can easily escape a dog pile of cops
  • Looks cool


  • Low speed
  • Digging cars still damages you over time
  • Doesn’t launch other cars as high as the Flipper

The Digging Nose

nose of the digger is a cheat

The front nose of the digger is closer to the ground than anything in smashy road wanted.  So there is very little resistance created when you hit obstacles.  You can literally dig through anything that moves: buses, tanks, and barricades.

Because of the low resistance you don’t need much speed to go underneath an obstacle.  Most cars get busted when they are surrounded by 5 swat vehicles.  However the digger can just drive right under and out of this circle.  This one cheat lets the digger last longer than any other car.

The digging nose makes the car a stealthy and slippery foe, but it is not necessarily going to create chaos like the flipper.  At max speeds you can launch things pretty high, but if you want chaos then using the flipper is the hack for you.

The Nose vs Fuel Trucks

If you get a swarm of three or four police behind you head for a fuel truck.   Using the digger you can slip under the fuel truck and out the other side with out causing it to explode.   The cop cars however will not be so lucky, they will hit the fuel truck and explode as you ride into the sunset.  Fuel truck hack accomplished

Turning Hacks

Making donuts leaves the police confused and in the dust.

First looks at the digger and you can guess it might be able to flip cars however its equally powerful hack is its turning capability.  The vehicle with the best turning in smashy road wanted it the legendary car “the beast”.  The digger matches the amazing control of the beast and has little to no drifting.

Using this turning you can easily out maneuver the police and lose them in tight areas with buildings.  You will have the control to turn out of the way at the last second, the cops will try but explode into the walls every time.  You can also easily lead the police into fuel trucks or off ramp trucks.

One of the cheats you can do with turning is to continuously drive around in circles, making donuts as the cops chase you.  Because their turning is so weak they will always be out of reach.  You can use the donuts trick to regain control if you just escaped from a dog pile or have lost speed in an open area.


The Speed of the digger is nothing to brag about it is in the low to medium range.  However the digger does not need speed to escape from cars because its main survival hack is its digging nose and great turning.

Avoid big stretches of flat area when possible and stick close to buildings that let you get the most out of the incredible handling. If you do find yourself in a flat area use the donut technique mentioned above to slow the cops down before escaping to an area with better cover.

Even though the max speed is low you can still use it to get the biggest flips.  When cruising down the free way a head on collision can get you the funniest launches.


The durability is in medium range, somewhere between the ‘Sport Car’ and ‘The Flipper’. So try to avoid any swat cars ramming into the side of your digger.

Even though the flipping of the digger is the most efficient in the game it still takes a small amount of damage for hitting and going under obstacles.  The car can get wrecked after about 50 smooth digs.  If you have clunky digs that end with trucks bouncing over the top of you expect to get wrecked sooner.

So, if you are going for a high score save your digs for emergency situations like a dog pile of cops.  If you are playing for fun and craziness hit everything you can.

Other Vehicles With Digging Exploits

There is an entire family of cars that have sloped noses and can dig obstacles in a similar way to “The Digger”.

The Flipper

This legendary car is the best digger in the game, with a very different play style. Instead of smoothly sliding underneath cars it LAUNCHES them sky high.  Definitely the rambunctious and buff cousin in the digger family.

In addition it has super fast speed so it can have lot of momentum behind its digging–further increasing the height of its launches.  It also gains five dollars for every buck, which is not that important if you already have every car from using unlimited money cheats.  But for purists it can be a god send and it ends up being the only car they use.

Unlike the the digger it also has massive durability which lets it hit alot of cars without being wrecked.  The digger dosen’t really need much durability because its digging is so low resistance

The Shifter

This is another rare car that is capable of doing the dig cheat.  It looks like a sporty street racer with a spoiler on the back, a yellow paint job, and green tinted windows.

The front, true to a sporty street racer, is stylishly low to the ground but not quite as low as the digger.  Therefore it encounters a bit more resistance than the digger when going under obstacles, and does not dig as well or as smoothly.

The added resistance also wears on the shifter over time which does not have a great durability rating.  After a dozen or so digs expect the shifter to get wrecked.

One massive advantage of the shifter is its speed.  It can go much faster than the digger and out run the cops in addition to using the occasional dig.

Sport Car

The sport car is the best flipping car in the common section of smashy road wanted.  The car is made to look like the Ferrari F40 from the late 80s and early 90s.  Similar to an F40 it has high speed and awesome handling– pretty exceptional for a common car.

True to a member of digging cheats family the front is low to the ground.  You can flip cars and get out and under some cops.  The problem with this is that it has very low health and durability.  After a few swat or army jeep flips the car will be wrecked.

Try it out!

The digger is a rare gem in the game that you may be missing out on. This car can go head to head with most of the legionaries and its only a rare. The digger’s digging hack is one of many game play cheats in smashy road wanted that keep the game fun.

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  1. Sweet car man… Thanks for the tip.

  2. Can you do more features like this ? All I really knew about was the legendarily. Maybe you could cover the hovercraft too ?

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