The Day We Discovered Smashy Road

It’s hard to believe that we have been using the Smashy Road Hack for almost six months now.  Finally we got this website out to share our hack and cheat adventures.  It had been on our to do list ever since about 2 weeks after we first got unlimited money.

If you have read about us you know that my man Willie was the first one to discover the Smashy Road Hack.  It happened during lunch break at school.  Chris and I were actually trying to enjoy our cafeteria pizza, but Willie wouldn’t touch it and was playing Smashy Road again.  At this point he had already beaten the game and 60/60 cars(this was still in update 1.1).

He was using the F1 legendary and hitting ramps, which he is pro at by the way.  After getting full wanted he hit a ramp at a certain angle and 10 cop cars flew with him.  Since he had the F1 he thought he could get over the river, but came up short.

He was pissed.

When Willie gets mad at a game he starts to fidget all crazy.  After getting ‘soaked’ he smacked his phone down on the lunch table and started strumming his fingers faster than an F1.  In the mean time he had accidentally opened the setup screen and was strumming on his phone– he didnt realize he was opening the cheats menu!

Then I looked down at his screen and saw that a new entry field had popped up! He had found the hack. All it said was “Enter Promo Code:”, but i had seen something like this in the game Klepto Cats.  It was a way for us to find cheats and finally get unlimited money.

Chris Steps In

Meanwhile, Chris was on his phone studying “less provincial” things than games.  But once Willie and I alerted him about the hack on Willie’s android he was buzzed.  Prior to this moment we had invested some time trying to find such a field for cheats, but never found anything.

Immediately Chris started shaking Willies hand like he was awarding a nobel prize in smashy road cheats.

It was tricky to recreate exactly what Willie had done, his aggressive strumming translated more to tapping than actual strumming.  Regardless, after a few hours we discovered how to open the hack window on command.

Chris hooked his phone up to his computer and did some fancy coding.  The process for finding cheats is simple once you have the place to put them.  Simply use the computer to automatically try every cheat possible.  So this is what Chris started to do.

For 5 days and 5 nights the computer tried to find the codes.  Chris came to class for a week without having a phone, but he survived.  At last we came up with five cheats that we knew for sure worked.  Needless to say we were excited, in the hacking world this kind of thing means big publicity.  We were going to be famous!

God Mode

Even though we could have gone public with the cheats, we decided to wait a bit and have our fun first.  If we went public to hard and too fast, it could mean that the cheats get removed from the game in an update.

So we played Smashy Road.  We played hard with unlimited money and after a few hours at the cash register had every vehicle.  In Willies case this wasn’t that big a deal because he already had every vehicle in Smashy Roads Arena and Wanted.  He was still excited to get the legendary “dev” car though.

Journey to Launching the Site

Finally we decided to take the plunge and post our website with all the details about the hack and cheats.  We are hoping the website creates some buzz in the smashy road world.


Signing off for now–

Chris, Ian, and Willie



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