About Us

This is a website dedicated exclusively to the famous Smashy Road hack and cheats.  The team behind it are three friends who have been making and playing mobile games since elementary school.  Together we push the limits of any game we play or make.

Smashy Road Story

We started playing Smashy Road Wanted immediately after release, since we are developers we keep an eye out for what makes a game tick.   Eventually after months of tapping around we discovered the tapping sequence in the setup menu that opens that cheat/promo code entry field.  The next day we developed a simple algorithm that discovered the pattern needed to generate cheats on command. Then the day after that we had every car in the game:D. See the front page for the whole story.


Smashy Road Hack team

Willie in the center, Chris on the left, and me behind the camera.

We are a tight group! We eat lunch together everyday at school while we design our next game.  So far we have released over five android ios games and hope to have a hit someday.


Willie masters every game we play in record time, this kid is nutz obsessive.  Before we even discovered the hack Willie had every car AND capped money in Wanted.  I think he plays in his sleep or something.  Willie was also the one who discovered the setup screen hack that lets you enter cheats.. (I’ll beat you one day Willie I swear).

When we make games Willie focuses on the art, but will help with the coding too when we pry Smashy Road, Flappy Bird, or Flip Diver etc out of his hands.

Chris is all about code code code.  He is the one responsible for coming up with the cheat generating algorithm once Willie discovered the gateway.  If he wanted to Chris could probably just make anew apk of smashy road or build it from scratch and give it here.  Thats the kind of stuff he does.

Chris also does the sound design for our games–i guess synths are like his way to hack sound.


Hey thats me! I guess I do writing, and I set up this website.  In addition to making games I like to learn languages.  I am going to Stanford next year to study Chinese.

My favorite car in Smashy Road is definitely the F1 with the speed hack.  Nothing beats hit a ramp truck and clearing the entire map 😀