How to Hack Smashy Road: An Overview of the Best Cheats for Wanted and Arena

smashy road unlimited money exploit

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Looking for unlimited money in smashy road?

We were too when we first found Smashy Road Wanted.

Determined to get the Tank Destroyer (‘The Flipper’ didn’t exist yet), some coding friends and I turned to the internet in search for cheats, hacks, or money glitches.

After 3 months we eventually figured out how to hack the .xml file and manipulate money, vehicle speeds, and vehicle durability.

We realized not everyone knows coding and the technical ways to hack smashy road, so we published our hack as a money generator tool for anyone to use.  We also have our own smashy road mod apk versions for download above.

Also check out our strategy guides and videos of the hacks and cheats in action.

How the money hack looks once its working:

How to Hack Smashy Road Quick-Start

How to hack smashy road wanted:

  • Install a modded Version of the Game
  • Use a money generator cheat
  • Abuse a glitch to get easy money
  • Buy the best legendary: the flipper, for 5X cash and fast speed
  • Use skill and knowledge of the map to dump cop cars over the edge

What is a Smashy Road hack?

A Smashy Road hack is any thing that gets you an unfair advantage in Smashy Road.  The most common hack is an XML modifier or ‘Money Generator’ as it is more commonly known.  This alters the games memory (an XML file) to change your money value to unlimited.  Our Smashy Road Money Generator also includes code that will unlock every car — including legionaries.  This makes unlimited money a bit useless, but its still fun to roll and see legendary car drop rates.

What is a smashy road mod apk?

A Smashy Road mod is completely separate version of the game with heavily altered code.  You have to install the mod apk version separately, and will have two version of the game on your device once completed.  Like an XML hack this will get you unlimited money and every car in the game.  Some mods come with extra perks like jumbo size cars and indestructibility.

Use a Money Generator Hack

smashy road money generator


  • You keep the original game installed
  • No lagging or bugs.  Smooth Game-play
  • Achievements and XP still added to google game account


  • Depending on device version only 20-30% success chance

The downside of these is that there is a chance of failure.  Depending on your device version, game version, or phone model you will have a different success rate.

Its a low risk gamble, and worth trying for the luxury of a billion smashy road dollars on a lag free game.

unlimited money cheat in smashy road

Download A Modded Version of the Game

  • 100% success rate
  • As simple as installing an app (Install an apk for android and a ipa for iOS)


  • They can be buggy and sometimes freeze or lag
  • You don’t get XP or achievements
  • Takes up another 50-150 mb on your device

A modded game comes pre-installed with unlimited money and all cars unlocked.  You can start using the F1 and Boom Bus right away.  The downside is the game can be laggy, sometimes you will have bad fps at high speeds.  To avoid lag continue reading the next method.

Cheats for Smashy Road Arena

Installing a modded game or using the money generator also works for Smashy Road Arena, I personally don’t play Arena as much as Wanted so I have less videos to show.

One interesting thing about Smashy Road Arena is that the money hack maxes out at 2 million instead of 2 billion like in Wanted.

The rest of the guide

The rest of the guide goes into more depth about these and other smashy road hack methods.  You’ll find game play tips, a history of old smashy road cheats and hacks, and a guide to glitches.

The Three Main Smashy Road Hack Methods

There are three main ways to exploit Smashy Road:

  • Installing a hacked version of the game
  • Hacking the game by yourself (Modding)
  • Money generators

Some methods are more successful than others, some are riskier, and some take more work.

Installing a Smashy Road Mod

You can download and install an already hacked version of smashy road.   This is also known as a modded or cracked game.  All cracked versions of smashy road will come ad free and with all in-app purchases unlocked. Some can come with other fun bonuses like replacing all explosions

What is a mod?

A mod is a modification to a video game, usually done by a programmer just for fun.  Potentially anything in a game can be modded, the only limit is the creativity of the hacker.  In Smashy Road for example they could add a flying car or a horse into the game files as cheats.

smashy road wanted cheats mod

An example of a mod in grand theft auto that caused whales to fall from the sky.

Mods can be useful and save us money, like in smashy road; or get super ridiculous and make us laugh, like in the Grand Theft Auto example.

Finding a modded Smashy Road game online

There are large websites you can search to find free hacked games online, including Smashy Road Wanted and Arena.

I usually use, they have a large community of people that comment on each game and talk about the cheats and hacks.  Stay away from sketchy sites, and especially Chinese sites—these games may have malware.

Scanning the game for malware

Some hackers only release modded games to get malware onto your device.  The risk for smashy road wanted is much less than a more popular game like angry birds or subway surfer.

Fortunately, you can also scan ipa and apk files before you install them onto your phone.  Use a site like or for example.scanning cheats for malware

If you skip this step you run a small risk of installing Malware.  Like viruses, malware lets hackers steal your emails, steal phone numbers, or cause annoying pop ups all the time.  Don’t download from a sketchy site with no comments, and especially not a sketchy Chinese site (almost always have malware).

If you have an extra phone lying around you can try installing it on that before your main phone.  If the phone doesn’t get glitch pop-ups then you are safe to install it on your main phone.

Install it

Now that you have a clean apk dripping with cheats you need to install it.  If you downloaded the file on your computer you need to move it onto your phone and open it.  The phone will warn you about installing from unknown sources, but since you used a scanner there’s no need to worry.

What kind of cheats will be available on a modded Smashy Road game?

Modded mobile games come standard with all in-app purchases unlocked.  As soon as you open the game you can use the F1, the Boom Bus, and every other legendary car for free.

Theres also some versions of cracked smashy road that give access to completely new vehicles added in by the hackers.

Hack Smashy Road Yourself

Instead of installing a modded version of the game as mentioned above you can mod it by yourself.  You don’t need to know programming or be a hacker to do this, you just need a few tools.  By using these tools you can alter the Smashy Road xml and unlock every car.


  • Increase your money and best score to any number you want
  • Unlock any car
  • No need to worry about malware like with an apk mod download
  • This hack method can be used to get cheats and money for every mobile game, not just smashy road wanted


  • Takes about an hour to complete
  • You must root your device
  • The Cheat droid tool costs $5

How to Hack Smashy Road on Android

Step 1 Root the device

king root cheat toolMost out of the box phones are meant for users and limit your access to the file system.  A rooted phone has admin privileges like editing system files.  You need this level of access for the modding tools to work.

You can install rooting software like kingo root or one click root that will root your android easily.

There are some risks involved with rooting.  Depending on your service provider the rooting can void your warranty.  Also, bad rooting software can “brick” your phone and make it unusable.  With kingo root and one click root you don’t need to worry about this, just stay away from sketchy companies.

It is up to you to decide if rooting is worth the risk to get Smashy Road cheats.  There is tons of info on rooting out there on google and it is worth doing extra research.

Step 2 Cheat Droid

cheat droid pro

Xml in cheat droid

With cheat droid and a rooted phone you can access any file of smashy road and alter it.  You can get it for free on the google play store.

Follow these steps once it is installed:

  1. Open Cheat Droid
  2. Open the smashy road game you want to hack
  3. Find com.rkgames.smashywanted.xml (not preferences) and open it

To Add Money:

  1. Edit [int] Money to the value you want
  2. Go use the Gashapon machine until you have every car

To Unlock Cars

  1. Open Cheatdroid and add a new integer [int]
  2. Name the new integer carLockX (x is the id of the car you want) [It needs to look exactly like this! You must use a capital L and have the id after Lock]
  3. Make the value of the integer 1
  4. Enjoy the car!

List of Ids for legendary cars

First line (blank) carLockx

27 Tank Destroyer

28 F1

29 Money Man


Second line 2carLockx

27 Time Machine

28 Rocket Launcher

29 The Beast


Third line 3carLockx

27 Oil Truck

28 Boom Bus

29 The Flipper

Money Generators: The “Horn Drill” of Smashy Road Wanted Cheats

If you are a veteran gamer you have probably remember the one-shot kill moves ‘horn drill’ and ‘fissure’ from Pokemon red and blue.  The moves could instantly faint the toughest opponents in one shot, but with a downside—it only worked 20% of the time.

money generator meme

Currency generators for Smashy Road Wanted and mobile games in general work in a similar way to the one-shot ‘horn drill’.  They can give you a shortcut to the finish line faster than any other hack method, but with a low success rate.


  • Works quickly, if successful the entire process is less than 1 minute.
  • Unlimited smashy road money to roll for cars.
  • Keep your original game, no risk of malware like with a downloaded mod
  • Get achievements and google gamer experience


  • Due to encryption variations between devices (see below) and game versions there is only an average success rate of about 20%
  • Once you have unlimited money you still need to roll at the Gashapon machine until you get every car. This gets tedious after a while.

How the hack works

The generator works by first decrypting the smashy road xml file.  The xml is like Smashy Road’s long-term memory, its where the number representing your in-game money is stored.  Once decrypted the generator can easily hack it by deleting the old number and replacing it with 999999999.

The tricky part is decrypting.  Depending on your device version, your smashy road version, and your install time you could have a completely different encryption key.

yay unlimited money

In total, there are tens of thousands of keys in existence.  It would take a life time to make an algorithm for each.  Instead we take the 80/20 approach and target the 100 most common devices, game version, and time stamp combinations.  This gives about a 20% rate of success, just like the horn drill.

With every new android or iOS update the rate goes down, we work to update it every week to keep the rate of cheat success from going below 15%.  With the release of Android Nougat we have been very busy.

Why is the xml decrypted?

Mobile games with in-app purchases keep their xml encrypted to protect people changing the file manually—and getting things for free.  Without encryption, you could just open the xml file and your computer and look for the number of money you had and change it.

Smashy Road Cheats and Cheat Codes

Most people are confused about the difference between ‘cheat codes’ and cheats for smasy road wanted. This section is dedicated to clearing this up.

Cheat Codes / Promo Codes

Historically in console games cheat codes are a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters that you input into an in-game field.  After entering them you get crazy bonuses.  You could also do a long combination of ups, downs, and buttons to achieve the same affect.

For example, in the game tony hawk for xBox you could enter cheat codes for moon gravity and faster spins.  They make the game more fun.

classic cheat sequence

Example of a cheat code sequence in a classic game.


In mobile games these cheat entry fields are more rare, and are mostly used for promotional purposes.  If you follow the game company on twitter or Facebook they can share promo codes.  This helps keep people excited and share the game—making it go viral.

Smashy road wanted had a cheat code field for the first three months after its release.  After two months some hackers discovered a bug with it and were able to generate endless promo codes and even testing cheats meant only for devs.  Thousands of people were getting unlimited money and so they removed the field.

For those of us that found the cheats on the forums those were the good old days of smashy road wanted.  We talk about the details more in the history section below.

Cheats Definition

lets check the smashy road dictionaryIn standardized language, a cheat is a synonym for mod, hack, and crack.  Anything that helps you play the game in an unintended way is a cheat.

So entering promo codes you got from develper’s twitter is not a cheat, it is playing by the rules.  However, if you use the promo code field in a way that was not intended, that’s a cheat.

Exploiting Smashy Road Glitches

Glitches are hiccups accidentally left in the game by the developers.  They don’t involve any hacking of the game files, you just need to do the right thing in the right place at the right time.

In Smashy Road the glitches can be ridiculous and fun, or they can be helpful and give us another way to hack the game.

Drive Through Cars and Buildings

The Rocket car is the fastest in the game, matched only by the F1.  Unlike the F1 though it is an even smaller vehicle.  The combination of small size and extreme speed makes it possible to do some funny through wall glitches.

At top speed you will pass through other cars like they are completely made out of air.  You can even pass through walls and completely pass through smaller buildings.

One way to hack this glitch and turn it into a cheat is by driving into a pyramid or big building.  You will get stuck forever and achieve a massive high score.

The reason this happens is that the game only updates the boundaries of objects so many times per second.  The rocket can move SO fast that it passes through an objects boundary and out the other side before the game engine has the chance to check for collisions and apply physics.

Instead of moving faster than the speed of sound the Rocket car is moving faster than the speed of CPU.

Land on top of a building

Some of the buildings in Smashy Road are low enough that you can fly up on top of them or get wedged between them.

Once up on a building you are immune to being arrested and you can watch as tanks, helicopters, and cops swarm around the building.  If you choose to stay on the building and leave the game running over night this glitch turns into a cheat that will give you a crazy high score.

The best way to get on a building is by hitting a fuel truck nearby, causing you to flip up onto the building.  With practice you can get good at this and know the fuel truck to building distance.  It’s also possible from other hard collisions and using a ramp truck to get some air.

Fall through the earth

You can fall through the world in smashy road in a couple different ways.

If your vehicle is going at a high speed then you get some air and start tumbling you can hit the ground at the perfect angle and just slip through the world.  The camera will slide over the area your car disappeared,then after a few seconds “Wrecked” will pop up.

If your car explodes while tumbling or airborne–usually happens when bouncing off a fuel truck–you can fall through the earth.  This also happens if you get arrested in midair.

My guess is that when you are flying in the air your cars collision boundaries have some gaps. If you hit the ground properly the game engine won’t put physics on your car to stop you from falling through.

I haven’t found a way to exploit this and turn it into cheats, just a funny thing that happens in Smashy Road Wanted.

Free gift every 30 seconds instead of every 4 hours

Okay so this glitch is exploitable and lets you cheat the system for endless free gifts.

All you have to do is set your devices time forward one day, this tricks smashy road into thinking a day has passed and offers you another free gift.


  1. Play one round and claim the free gift if you haven’t already
    1. Completely exit and close Smashy Road
  2. Open your devices date and time settings
    1. Uncheck update automatically
    2. Set the date to the next day
  3. Play another round of smashy road and voila you have a new free gift.
  4. Repeat the hack until you have tons of cash

repeat the log in exploit

Skip the ads

Watching an ad in Smashy Road Wanted or Arena can get you 20 cash.  The only problem is it takes 30 seconds of time, and watching ads sucks.

You can get around this by pressing the home button after 5 seconds into the add.  After this click back into the game.  The ad will have ended and you will have 20 more cash.  Compared to other smashy road cheats it is not that much money, but still worth a try for fun.skip the annoying ads


Gameplay Tips and Hacks

Arena tips and tricks

Having every legendary car and unlimited money is only going to make you so happy in Smashy Road.  Once the cheats are done its time to hit the streets and have as many ridiculous and funny moments as you can.  These tips will let you play like a pro.

In the Smashy Road series it is always you vs the police.  You want to take down 100s of enemies for every time you’re wrecked or busted—heres some cop wrecking smashy road hacks.

Make sharp turns whenever you can.  Smashy Road cops can’t turn very fast and will collide into things when you lead them on.  This is my favorite gameplay hack, I love leading cops off cliffs, into buildings or fuel trucks.

sharp smashy road turnsThe more speed you have the better, if the cops hit a building or truck at max speed they will explode.  High speed becomes riskier for you as well.  This is where the skill and practice comes in, if you know the map and you will crush it at high speeds.

Memorize the map as soon as you can. Take leisurely drives around and get to know where everything is.  In a high speed moment your knowledge of the map can be the difference between you being wrecked or the cops being wrecked.

Hit those fuel trucks. Fuel trucks are your new best friend if you want to cheat the streets.  Get a swarm of police behind you and turn around a fuel truck at the last second.  The massive explosions it will cause are hilarious and satisfying—especially if you come out completely unscathed.

hit the fuel trucks trick

Hitting a fuel truck at high speed

They also open the opportunity for hacks and cheats.  Use them to get massive air and land on buildings or landmarks you weren’t meant to land on.

Even though a couple of direct impacts with these usually means death I do it anyways.  It’s so tempting and fun to go flying randomly in the air—especially if it’s in a perfect and crowded location.

If you have a vehicle like the tank destroyer you can get away with hitting a few of these and not getting wrecked.

Lose them in the buildings

There’s a lot of building on the smashy road wanted map and this is the perfect place to lose the police.   Zipping through buildings and high speeds is a rush and can be risky if you are still a noob.  Don’t forget that hitting a fuel truck near a building can launch you onto a rooftop where you can exploit the timer and get a massive high score.

In Smashy Road Arena

Messing with the cops is extra easy in smashy road arena where there are rivers and lakes.  All you need to do is lead the cops near the edge and turn at the last moment.  They will all go flying over the edge as you go sailing on.

History of Smashy Road Wanted Cheats

time machine legendary

Traveling into the past of Smashy Road

The first 3 months after smashy road wanted’s release was an amazing time for the cheats community.  From August 1st 2015 to November the game was in its wild west stage, and exploits were all over the forums.

In 2017 Smashy Road wanted is updated a couple times a year. But, in those first three months it was updated WEEKLY, the developers were desperate to get rid of the hackers toying with their game.

In honor of this short but legendary time in smashy road hack history we have documented the original cheats here.

The Promo Code Cheats

The creators of Smashy Road had accidently left a hack that lets you enter promo codes and cheats.  It was originally for testing and development purposes, and they forgot to remove it before launch.

Basically, you could access a promo code field for entering cheats and promotional codes given away at mobile game events.

cheats entry field

Smashy Road promo code field in update 1.1.8

Players and coders soon attempted brute force algorithms on this field and discovered five cheat codes that went viral on the internet.

The original cheat codes were:

  • Geld voor pannenkoeken – Unlimited Money·
  • Baas bestuurder- “Developer” Legendary Car (has the bonuses of all legendary cars combined)·
  • Te laat op het werk – Speed Hack·
  • Betaaldag  –  + 1000 money·
  • Ik ben legendarisc – Random Legendary Car

The codes were in dutch and are funny culture references.

Some were clearly intended for testing (the “developer” car) and some for small launch promotions (random legendary).  They became known as the fab five on forums, the best of which was the incredible “Developer” car.

Unlimited Money

This was the all-time easiest way to get unlimited money in smashy road history.  All you had to do was enter the code “Geld voor pannenkoeken” in the field and you would get $999,999,999.There was no need to worry about success rates, it worked for every device and every version of the game at the time.  You didn’t have to worry about malware or the technical details of modding.It is one of the promo codes only mean for testing purposes, and was never intended to make it into release.  As soon as the smashy road devs found out people were abusing it they patched it out by version 1.1.8.

Random Legendary Car Cheat

random legendary cheat

By entering “Ik ben legendarisc” in the cheat code field you would get a random legendary car.  It was given away at conventions and to the first round of beta testers.  The down side was that it only worked once.  Still pretty helpful because even with unlimited money you would be rolling the slot machine for a few hours before getting every car.

Plus $1000 Money

This is a coupon code given away at MGF London and to the first round of beta testers.  The code was Betaaldag and it only worked once. So, useless if you had the unlimited money cheat already.

Speed Hack

This made any car have X3 speed for as long as you kept the app running.   Combing the Speed Hack with the F1 car was ridiculous–your car could get to the other side of the map in less than 10 seconds.  The original code was “te laat op het werk”, which translates to “I’m late for work” in english.

Legendary “Dev” Car

Entering “Baas bestuurder” (boss in english) is the cheat I miss the most. This was a gem the devs used for testing and accidentally left in the game files.  Although it looked like an ordinary car it packed a punch and came with 9 abilities!

  • One-hit police cars and Invincible durability.  You could just park the car, grab some popcorn, and watch as every cop that touches you explodes off your car.
  • Drops oil that makes enemies skid
  • Speed is very fast (like F1)
  • Random rockets that blow police cars sky high
  • 5X cash( not that we need it )

The Future of Smashy Road Hacks and Cheatsfuture of the mods is bright

The first three months of Smashy Road wanted had some amazing hack methods and cheats.  Luckily there are still some ways to exploit the game today and everyone should be able to find a hack that lets them get free or easy money and legendary cars.

We are always checking forums, blogs, and wikis to find any new cheats that surface.  Theres usually a new so-so hack every month.  Every couple months a really cool one will pop up like the time setting glitch.  So, we try to update this site as much as we can with any new smashy road hack we find.

One great thing about this site is the comments.  If you know about a hack in smashy road that we didn’t mention please message us and well add it in.

Happy smashing!